Timeliness, reliability, honesty

– these are rules we build our business on.

About our company

Bembnista transport company provides international road haulage service since the 90`s. As wel as on the begin as now, Bembnista transport is a familly held company, with traditions and many years of experience in transportation.
Beginnings our business activity our company operated only one lorry. It was solid Mercedes 1635 V8 from 1988, imported to Poland and brought into our company by formal owner, Zygmunt Bembnista. From that moment, due to the diligent work, our company expanded so we could keep pace with the rising needs in the transportation industry by broaden our fleet and bying brand new vehicles and trailers.

Today we are proud we can serve our customers having latest models vehicles and trailers such as Volvo, DAF, Mercedes, Renault, Berger Eco Trail, Schmitz, Krone, that are not older than 4 years. Our trucks are equiped in fuel-efficient engines EURO 5 and latest EURO 6, to reduce fuel consumption and gas emission, as wel as advanced driver assistance system to make their work more efficient. Our fleet is also equiped in High-Tech GPS system, giving us the possibility not only to determine position of our vehicles, but also be able to establish other parameteres that are related to the their work. Complying with latest technology used in transportation is significant element to growth of our company and also has an huge impact on our competitiveness.

Our logistics facilities are not the only reason of our high quality service. Important element to the development of our company are skilled workers. Both for the employees of management and the drivers are givin opportunities to gain new qualifications. It gives guarantee of an effective and high quality service at every level.

Starting our business we manily operated on the German and Polish transport market. In 2001 we diversify our transport offer about Coilmulde vehicles, so we could expand our service into a new markets of such a countries like Belgium, Holland, France, Luxemburg. To meet goals of our clients, since 2007 we also provide transportation service from UE to the Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Finland.
Being aware of difficult scandinavian winter conditions, our vehicles are equiped in snow chains, as wel as brand new winter tires, so not only we can provide reliable service, but also secure transportation of your merchandise. Curently you can come across our vehicles all over Europe, beginning in Northern Norway, throughout Great Britain, Southern Spain ending.








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