Coilmulde transport

Professional transport all kind of material in rolls

We specialize in coilmulde transport

Coilmulda transport – „Coil transport”

From 2001 our company begun with a new transport offer – coilmulde transport. Having a modern coilmulda fleet, designed for safe shipping such a materials as metals sheet, paper, wire or rubber in rings, Bembnista transport became solid partner in road haulage for this service and can guarantee high quality coilmulde transportation.
For the best solution for shipment of any material in rings we are using coilmulde trailers, that in their construction are having specialy designed basin along the axis of the vehicle. Such a coil trailer allows easy loading and unloading of the cargo and most important assures safety while shipping the goods. Lying down ring material in the basin assures highest stability during hole transport process.

Since 2011 we are investing in very light vehicle sets tractor + trailer, that give us an opportunity to ship ring material up to 27 tonnes. This way we are one of the very few on the market to provide transportation of very heavy material, with no necessity of having any additional permits, what resultes in low transportation cost for our clients.


We follow latest technology, so we can achieve best results possible


We aim for professional solutions that can quarantee safety and high quality service